Hydration Reminder


Yeah.  I know.  You hear it all the time.  I gotta drink more water.
But, how much?  It does not take much google search these days to come up with a good general rule.

What is half your body weight?  100 lbs?
Drink that many ounces of water per day.  At least.

If you exercise or do other activities that promote the loss of water through sweat or otherwise, then you may need to increase that amount.  Caffeinated and/or alcoholic beverages can act on your body like a diuretic, which encourages the removal of water, and along with it, all those necessary electrolyte salts.

But why, Brad?  Why all the water?
Well, our bodies are actually over 70% fluid (water).  With too less of fluid (water), our blood loses its efficiency to move about the body and properly maintain all those cells: muscles, tendons,  internal organs, brain, skin, etc.

Early dehydration signs can include out of the ordinary tightening, cramping or spasming muscles and/or unusually dry skin, along with a host of other symptoms.  You can even experience food cravings due to your body's decreased ability to release ample amounts of energy from your liver. Take the time to evaluate your own water intake, and respect its foundational importance on your overall health and wellness.


    Brad Decker, LMT

    Brad is the owner and developer of Advanced Massage Heatlhcare, Inc, that was created in 2003 to serve Lincoln clients and patients with advanced therapeutic protocols, using massage and manual therapy techniques for injury prevention and recovery.

    Since 1995, Brad has been licensed by the state of Nebraska and serving athletes and families with his professional massage services.  During his tenure, he has been an educator, state board officer, business owner and promoter of medically viable massage and manual therapy treatment protocols within an injury recovery plan. 

    Teamwork is his passion. Recovery is his goal.


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